Are you in love?

Are you in love?

You might not know it but you might love somebody?

published on October 15, 2010390 responses 59 4.4★ / 5

Have you been out with somebody before?

Yeah but it wasn't great
Yeah quite a lot of people
No, but i think i like somebody

Just asking, do you already go out with somebody?

Yes, i love them so much
Just been dumped :(
Yes, not sure if i want to
I used to?
yepp, thats why im doing the quiz!

What colour hair do you have? (of any shade)

A coloured, blue, green, not normal ect.
Red-head / Ginger Ninja

Do you fancie someone?

Yes, they are so cute
Yeahh, they are well fit!
No, not really
Never have, never will

If you do..., do they have a first name begging with either, J, M, C or A?

I don't fancy anyone