Bella and Lucca

Bella and Lucca

we are sisters and we are REALLY bored :P this quiz is pure randomness :D hope you enjoy

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Who is your fave singer?

Reece Mastin
Gamelan and asian music
One Direction

Do you enjoy loud parties?

No, i would much prefer to be sleeping at home.
Yes, Parties aren't complete if I'm not there!
kinda but only small ones with people i know.

Do you like shopping?

YES!!!! I love shopping with my girls.
I don't have any money to spend coz I'm too lazy
to work
shopping is just a waste of time and money.

Do you like animals

only ones that don't stink
only small ones
yes, i love all animals
no, I'm scared of animals

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
yes my boyfriend is AMAZING!
no time for boys when you are as smart as me ;)
no :( all the good guys are taken.
i think i am to young.

DO you wear socks to bed?

yes, pink stripy ones
no that is strange
yes, the more warm clothes the better
no, coz i have a onesi! which keeps my feet warm

Are you a scrunched of folder?

FOLDER, scrunching hurts my bum :$
i don't no?? thats a stupid, un necessary