what muppet are you?

what muppet are you?

are you kermit? are you piggy? are you animal? well find out in this quiz!

published on August 14, 201247 responses 26
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what is your hobby?

what is your hobby?
singing,dancing and dressing up
playing instruments
being a stunt man
telling jokes

are you popular?

are you popular?
as class clown yes!
no,im forgotten about often...hah...
yes,im from outer space!!!!
yeah,yeah ,yeah
yes,im the most prettiest muppet there is!
yeah,im very important

are you smart?

are you smart?
yes i suppose yeah i am!
sort of ...i guess
what was the question?
not really...but i do have bonkers ideas!
nyah...not really
no im not ...hey want a sweet!

are you funny?

are you funny?
yeah, i am!!!!
yeah,a bit but serious sometimes
no,except when im doing a stunt
i suppose but i dont try to be
i hope not...
no, im a serious puppet...i mean muppet

what is your bad habit

what is your bad habit
being bossy...huh...
being too daring!
saying a certain word too often,okay
playing too many jokes on people...
making too many promises...(sigh)
breaking stuff and going mad!!!!