Which TVD Character are you most like?

Which TVD Character are you most like?

A Quiz to find out which Vampire Diaries person you are mostly like! Go --> Try it now!

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If you were Elena and one of the following people had to die, which one would you choose?

Jeremy/Margaret (depends on whether you watch Tvd
or read the books)

Do You Keep A Diary

Yes - I always write in it!
Yes but I don't write in it a lot
Yes - it's to make me feel I have a friend
No - I'd rather talk to actual "people"
No - I've never thought about it
No - who keeps a diary?!

Which Superpower would you prefer?

To have wings and fly
To be the most popular person
To have magic powers
To have super strength
To always know what to say
To be attractive

Which is your way of getting someone to love you?

Making them jealous
Flirting is always the answer!
Let them come to me
Just be nice and stay in the friend zone for a while
Treat them like any lady/gentleman should be treated
None of the above

What is your favourite fruit?


Why Would You Visit a Haunted House?

To impress someone you like
To spot something scary
It doesn't bother me
I don't mind going if my friends want to go
I would never set foot in a haunted house!
If I had to find someone/something

If someone hot stopped you walking home from school, what would you say?

Umm...excuse me? You're blocking the road.
Why Hello there beautiful!
Get away from me you creep!
...(try and run)...
You don't wanna block my way, friend
So why you just standing in front off me in the middle
of the road buddy? hahaha.. - get a life.

What is your favourite animal?

A Panther
A Dove
A Butterfly
An Eagle
A Dog
A Peacock

If you had to choose between becoming a vampire and staying human, what would you choose?

Staying human - vampires are vicious creatures
Staying human - I want to live a normal life
Staying human - I would grow up with the one I love,
not stay young while he/she is older
Become a vampire - I could live for as long as I want
Become a vampire - Vampires are much more attractive
Both? I want to be able to have powers like vampire
but humans don't feed on blood!