Personality Trait

Personality Trait

How are you personally?? Can you honestly describe yourself? Let me help you out!

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I enjoy interaction with others!

Either being with others or not is fine with me
I have to make sure I look better than everyone
I cannot be alone, being with others is therapeutic
Being with others is fine, until everyone begins to act carelessly

Appearance is important to me!

I do not care what people think of me, as long as I love it
Being properly dressed and looking fabulous is essential. All parts of me must be perfect
Looking good is nice, but I am not stressed about it
With the reassurance from others, I feel better

Achievement matters!

I know I did well, but I have to have the reassurance from others
My praise is important, I must achieve
I am my biggest supporter and will always be!
I know I did well; it's not necessary for overboard excitement

Having a career is important...

A career is nice to have, or not, just having a job is fine
I may not agree with the company's rules, I am very determined to voice my opinion
A career is nice, but my hard work on the job must be recognized
With a career, my family will be very proud of me.

Marriage is beautiful!

Being with that one person all the time is the best
The best part of marriage is the wedding day, I get to have all of the attention
Marriage is beautiful, yet I can be single or married, it really does not matter
Most people only get excited about the day, but I enjoy the sacredness of the day

To excel means to..

Beat everyone in the running, regardless of what actions I have to perform. Winning is essential
to reach goals that are reflective of your success expectancy
to receive confirmation from those who doubted you and your abilities
obtain more than what you had... or to reach whatever you want to reach

Volunteering to help others....

I have high standards for myself, so volunteering would serve
I don't mind volunteering, no biggie!
helping others will influence others to help me
once I finish helping others, being honored would be nice