Zack part 1

Zack part 1

This is the story on how you met. (You must have scored "Zack" on the Emo boyfriend part 1 quiz)

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It's the first day of school and your dad decided to drive you to school. You check your watch and see that your going to be five minutes late. "Dad, can you hurry up? I'm going to be late!" "Do you want me to kill us?!" He says. You cringe at the loud tone he used and you look outside of your car window. You approach the school and the car comes to a stop about a block away. "Thanks dad." You say as you quickly climb out of the car and run towards your school.

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You finally reach the school and enter inside, sneaking past the office. You scurry towards your locker and throw your bag inside. You close your locker and run to your first period class, science. You enter the class room and you see your teacher waiting, staring at you angrily. "Your late Ms.___." "Sorry Mr. Huckle I just got lost." You reply to him sheepishly. He tells you to go sit in the back next to a really cute emo boy.


You sit on the stool next to him and cover your face with your hair. You look over at him and see he is playing with the test tubes that have particles in them. He glances over at you and you quickly look away, feeling your cheeks turn a bright pink. "Zack! I told you not to play with the science equipment!" Mr. Huckle says. "Alright, alright." Zack removes his hands from one of the test tubes and crosses his arms across his chest. He chuckles softly and turns toward you, "So, I guess you know my name now."


"My name is Zack." He says holding his hand out to yours. "I'm ___." You say, taking his hand and shaking it. He slowly removes his hand from yours and rubs the back of his neck. Both of you jump when you hear Mr. Huckle shouting at someone. "Now class, today you are going to be studying each of the molecules inside the test tubes with your partner. Get to work!" He says, then he goes and sits down at his desk. "Well, it looks like I'm going to be your partner." Zack says, turning towards you smiling.


You smile back and reach out to grab a test tube. He reaches out and grabs your hand. "Don't worry I got the answers." He says. "Oh." You say feeling stupid. You look at your hand to see that Zack's hand is still there on yours. "Oh sorry." He says pulling his hand away. You move your hand back to your side and look away blushing. He reaches his hand out and moves your hair behind your ears. You turn toward him to see him smiling at you. "How would you like to go out sometime?" Zack says. "I would love to."

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It's the end of the day and your at your locker grabbing your bag filled with first-day-of-school homework. You close your locker and turn around to see Zack waiting for you. He smiles and takes your hand. "How would you like to come over my house today?" He asks. "Sure, just let me call my dad real quick to let him know." Zack nods and you both walk outside. He goes and sits on a bench while you stand against a tree calling your dad. "Yes, sweetie?" Your dad says. "I'm going over a friend's house."


"Which friend?" He asks, curiously. "No one you know. Just, don't pick me up I'll walk home." There is a long pause before your dad agrees and you thank him before ending the call. You turn around to go walk to where Zack is to see him standing right there next to you. You smile as he wraps his hands around your waist. "Alright, let's go to my house then." He says with a devilish smile.


You and Zack walk to his house which is close to the school and your house. When you arrive he opens the door for you and does a little bow. You giggle at his silliness and walk inside. You gaze around at what looks like the living room in amazement. He walks up behind you and picks you up and throws you on the couch. You laugh and pull him onto the couch with you. He falls on top of you laughing then he rolls over onto the floor, dragging you with him.


You both land on the floor with a grunt and start laughing. When you both stop you both look into each others eyes. You can feel your heart start beating faster as Zack starts leaning in towards you. You lean in also and soon your lips meet and you can feel a surge of electricity going through your body. The kiss holds for a few seconds then you both move away slowly, opening your eyes. You both smile and kiss again then Zack rolls on top of you, pinning you down and you both erupt in laughter.