Would you date me? (7)

Would you date me? (7)

BOYS ONLY just take this quiz to see if your my type of guy. Plz take and comment

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Do you have a good Sence of humor

I'm class clown
For sure
I try (but fail)
I'm mr. Serous

Would you cheat

Well I would have a few girls but everyone of
them would know
Maybe only sometimes
I will ty my hardest not to
Why would I cheat

Are u just saying that

Yes :(
I told u I will try

Do u try not to suck at school

Yes I'm grade A
I do but sometimes my grades are the best
they can be
What's the point in school, what's the point in

What do you do On electronics most offten

Play video games
Watch Netflix
Go on social media

Favorite food


What kind of girls do u like

Popular, cute, athletic
Smart, loyal, artistic
Kind, witty, creative
Sporty, snobby,hot
Cute, musical, gamer