My Personality Type

My Personality Type

People have defined who they think you are to them, isn't it time to know who you are? If so, take this personality test; it will give you a better understanding of what type of person you truly are!

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Life is an opportunity to advance and reach higher levels.

Maybe not all the time..Life is inconsistent
Life is hard; you have to think only about you in order to win! The world is an unfair place
Life is filled with so many chances, if you fail once, you have many more chances to win!

I did not get accepted into the University of my Dreams!

I will apply at another school, maybe I will get accepted there
I have to do something with my life; I will find a good paying job.
There were too many applicants that were better than me; honestly, I'm not surprised that I wasn't accepted!
I will contact the school to inquire about why I did not get accepted; With this information, I can better my chances of being accepted into another University!

I prefer to study and be alone on the weekends.

Being alone is a great way to empower my mind
The weekends are my time to enjoy being around others, being alone on the weekends is boring
I am able to get all of my work done now instead of during the school week, gives me more time to rest on school nights
I can simply enjoy my weekend and study right before class starts

Being alone is very saddening to me; I choose to be around friends.

Being around friends is uplifting and fun
I like to take time to think and hear my thoughts, too much noise and company is overbearing
No one likes me and everyone hates me, therefore, I do not mind being alone.
If I have to be alone, I can watch movies for entertainment..If I am with friends, I have a chance to interact with others.

If a person hits me or is very rude to me, I will instantly hit them back or curse them out. That is rude and there is no excuse for such behavior.

Understanding the situation before making a fast decision is the better way to handle this situation
I am a person who demands respect and no individual will be rude to me, regardless
I will fight, think about what I have done, and fight once more
I wonder why this person has done this, he/she must be having a bad day.

I have $500.00 in my checking account, I have to pay for my rent for my apartment, as well as, pay for the trip to Costa Rica that I taking with my friends, in December. My rent bill is $350.00 and the cost of the trip is $250.00. I am confused, what should I do?

I will be a litte late on my rent this month, I really need to take care of this trip money to be able to save my seat
Since the trip is not until December and rent is due now, I can pay my rent and put a deposit of $50.00 on the trip, which may reserve my spot. This will leave me with $100.00 until next week.
Everything will work out; I will pay both, my rent. and trip expenses. I will have to be short on one of my expenses
I need to think about this before I make any decisions