What will you most likly be when u grow up?

What will you most likly be when u grow up?

i already made a harry potter version lol! so lets now move on to ur REAL job. but it would be awsome if the hp jobs where real am i right?

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What do u like to read about?

mammals and animals! <3
cars! :O
rocks and gems and cool expirments!
idk really...its hard to choose..

Where would u rather go?

Deep into the rain forest... there are all kinds of things to see!
where the first locomotive was made!
into the ocean! i could see sooo many things!

how du u describe ur self?

caring and gentle
tough and hard working
quick and smart
a person

how do u spend ur free time?

just sittin around on qfeast..
buying new "grow ur own diamend!" kits
watchin the discovery channel

how du others describe u?

loyal and patient
handy and helpful
smart and...just really smart
a good person

last question.

ok bye?
good ive got to du my science homework
k, imma go draw some more
bye! ooh look a rabbit! let me go study it!