are you a happy person or a sad person?

are you a happy person or a sad person?

Lets find out! R u happy with what u got or not? Hehehe i rymed! Ok just tryin to fill up space now...

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What du u like to do everyday?

Hanv out with my friends and just have fun!
Sleep and sulk and sit on da couch...

Whats ur fav color?

Anything dark
Anything bright!

How du u feel right now?

Pretty normal i guess...
Um..why should i tell u?

Out of these two jobs, what would u rather be?

A funeral host
A doctor!

Du u like to be with friends?

Evey once and awhile i guess...maybe

What is ur typical wardrobe?

Dark clothes, browns and blacks
All different colors :)

Du u have any enimies?

A few. But doesnt everyone?
I have no friends or enimies. I have no one..