Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Hello, my name is Keara the Kind, today I am going to tell your fortune. Aaaah, I see a private jet, a rich person,, better not spoil your session! Good luck!

published on August 12, 2012146 responses 48 4.7★ / 5

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe in yourself?
Not enough.
I suppose I do.
Yes, a little bit.
Yes, I can't help it!
Not very much, but I always have faith in the people
I love !
Yes, I believe I can do nearly anything.

What is your favourite animal?

What is your favourite animal?
All of them! I can't choose!
Big, strong dogs! Healthy Alsatians that go on walks
with me!
Animals? I have no time for animals!
Cats, rabbits any small animals will do me.
Budgie! Any type of bird, really!
A fish, a turtle, a sea creature of some sort.

Are you arrogant?

Are you arrogant?
Yes! My life is perfect so I always show off.
No, I am humble and kind.
No, but I am confident and talkative when I need to
Not really, but I like telling people about impressive
things I have done, no big deal!
Never, it is just showing off!
There is no reason for me to be arrogant.

Which quote suits you best?

Which quote suits you best?
"Never put a healthy dog down"
"Dream what you want to dream, be who you gotta
be, I never wanna be the one who kept you from
being free."
"There is no more lovely, friendly or charming
relationship, communion or company, than a good
"My main goal is to stay healthy because when
you're injured you realise how lucky you are to have
your health."
"No matter how busy a man is, he is never too busy
to stop and talk about how busy he is."

Are you always happy?

Are you always happy?
No, but I am most of the time
Yeah, 24/7 ! Nothing is there to bring me down !
50/50, I'm always in between, but I always have
something to be happy about if that is what you
I guess I could say that, I can only stop being happy
when something bad happens!
Yes, when I'm doing what I love best.