Are you conceited?

In this quiz you will find out if you are conceited! So take this quiz and find out today!

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How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Way to many to count!
Just a couple times to check
my makeup and hair.

Do you think your beautiful/hot

Duh im the most beautiful person on this planet
I think im pretty but i DONT think im the most beautiful girl on the planet (lol
Im not beautiful, hot or pretty at all!
Im okay looking but theres lots of other pretty/hot girls/boys
No im ugly

Do you think your friends are pretty?

My friends are way prettier than i will ever be!
Were all pretty!
Please im the hottest out of all of them
I dont really think about are looks.

Do you think looks are more important or personality?

Looks! DUH!! You can't sit with us unless your pretty/hot
Personality! It all depends if your a nice person

Why are you taking this quiz?

Because i felt like it!
I was just bored
This was a quiz!? i was to busy looking at myself to even realize this was a quiz!
Im sooo hot! Oh wait what was the question agian?
I wanted to see if i was concited or not!

Is everybody pretty?

No. Im the best looking person in the world
Yes, well everybody but me.
In there own way!
Only a few people are pretty most people in this world are ugly!

Which 3 words best describes you!?


How much is appearance important?

Not important at all!
Very important! Like even if no ones gonna see you, you have to still look hot!
Is that even a question!!!
Its important if you wanna make a good first impression!

What do you think about relationships?

Everyone should be in one if your not in a relationship your ugly!
You should be in a relationship if you wanna be in one!
Relationships are stupid, i dont need a relationship when i can date my hot self!
Relationship are cool
I dont know or care!

What do you think about makeup?

You dont need it! Makeup isint beauty just be yourself and your pretty enough!
You need it! If your ugly theres a thing called makeup! I dont need it cuz im already beautiful
Makeups cool! Wear it if you want! i dont think about makeup!