My first Sonic WWFFY part 2

My first Sonic WWFFY part 2

My part 2 to my sonic wwffy quiz and it's gonna be good. Sorry but anyone that's going to be in my quiz is going to have to wait. I made this for all of you so follow, like, comment and rate. Don't forget to not hate.

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You wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon and the smell of pancakes. Silver(If you got him last quiz.): Good morning ___, How did you sleep last night? You: Awesome! I slept like a rock. You soon hear steps down the stairs and see sonic, shadow and a two tails fox (tails if you got him last time) going too the dining room. Sonic : Hey ___, did you meet Silver and tails yet?

Definitely Silver *blushes*
I meet Tails earlier *blushes*
Hi Tails, Hi Silver *Both Wave*
Tails looks stupid and Silvers hair looks like weed (O___O) (XD)

Silver: Breakfast is ready, hope you like pancakes and bacon! *Time Skip* Sonic: Hey we need to get groceries, would you like to come? Silver: But we got PL...!*Sonic covers silvers mouth* Sonic: Please.

Really? that sounds Amazing!
Fine but only to hang out with my Soniku! Sonic: *Gulp*
No. (Your going) That Sucks!

Shadow: She shouldn't go out in public till she can defend herself. She could get kidnapped. Sonic: Sorry but shadows right so we'll train you! Shadow:WHAT! Silver: YAY! Sonic: I''l do it first Silver: NO ME! Shadow: I'm the most mature, I'll do it. They soon start to fight over you.

*Reads Book*
*Gives them the death stare till they quite down*
*Tries to stop the fighting*

You hear a loud whistle and see a pink hedgehog in a dress. Pink Hedgehog: Boys, stop fighting or so help me... Sonic: AMY?! Suddenly the boys all quiet down. Amy: Who do you want to train, by the way if you choose Sonic I'll kill you.

Sonic? Amy: That's IT! *clenches hammer*
Silver! Silver: Yes. Sonic Hey why not me? You: because your not as cute Sonic: o__o
Shadow is the strongest so yeah? Shadow: Let's go. You:*blushes*
I can just build weapons to use. Hey Tails, do you know any weapons I can build? Tails: Yeah I do! You: Let's go!

(No matter what answer you choose Amy choose for you) Amy: Ok shadow first, Silver Second and my Soniku last. Sonic: Why me last? Amy: SO she get's a crush on someone else. *You and all the boys start to blush.* Amy: Really? Ain't I cute? Silver: ... Amy: Sonic? Sonic:... Amy: Shadow? Shadow: WE can all agree your too scary to be cute.

Tell that butt who's BOSS! B) (You should not have done that)
Oh no, He's dead
OOOH (XD That's the best thing shadow ever said!)
ok. I'm going to see tails. *runs to bunker with tails*

Amy goes into a rage and hits shadow with a giant hammer. Amy: Don't lay a hand on my Sonic got it! You: *Gulp and nod Yes* Amy: good now go train ___ Shadow. Shadow: ...(Still knocked out)

Noo! Shadow wake up!
Silver come, your his substitute Silver: Yay!
He's my Soniku! Amy: No he's mine Sonic:*Gulp* (Couldn't agree more)
Ok. I'm going to see tails. *Runs to lab with tails*

*Time skip* Now you go train with shadow to learn his special abilities. Shadow: Here take the chaos Emerald You: Hey so you owned it? Shadow: That's why we were in your pathetic world in the first place. Now hold it and think of a place you want to be. Then only think of that till you teleport. Ready? You: Ready! Shadow: Chaos Control! *He disappears* You look around and find him behind you. You: Ah! Shadow: Your turn. Where do you want to go?

The lab
Behind Shadow
To Sonic's Room (Wow.)
The roof

You: Chaos Control! *You teleport to the place you chose and back* Shadow: Wow, ___. that was your first try and you did it. *Time skip* After training with shadow you learn new things about how they use chaos emeralds. You return home to go to sleep, but before you go to sleep you

Listen to music
You read a book on how to build machines
Think in bed
You don't anything you go to sleep right away

Hope you like and by the way anyone who will be in my wwffy I'll try and fit you into my next part. Please don't hate and sorry it's so short.

Hope you like and by the way anyone who will be in my wwffy I'll try and fit you into my next part. Please don't hate and sorry it's so short.
Like it? I Loved it! (Thanks XD)
It sucks (You Mean :( )
Needs improvement but awesome quiz!
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