How Social are you?

How Social are you?

Quiz to see how social you are! These are the replacement ot my "who will date you quizzes" Enjoy!

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You walk into a class room and don't recognize any one. Do you feel awkward?

Honestly? Yes. The thought of sitting with strangers is scary
Not really. Its only a matter of time before I get to know the people around me
Not at all! Its sounds mre exciting then anything else!

How do you feel about joining a sports team!

I love working with others! Whens the sign up?
No. Thats not my thing. Sorry.
Depends who else is going to be on the team. Do I know them?

Which one of these would be a great way of spending your birthday?

A HUGE party at mine! Everyone is invited! :D
A get together with a bunch of close friends
Spending a day with your best friend or partner/crush

At a school dance where would you be found?

In the middle of the dance floor!
Messing around with my friend or with my partner/ crush
Hanging out in the corner with a group of friends while singing the songs that are on.

You have just been told you have won 5 tickets to the hottest concert in town. Do you know who you are inviting?

Yep! I know who is coming with me straight away!
No! I don't know who to pick! I don't want to upset anyone! T.T
I don't know! I can't think of many people to invite...does familey count?