Which Warrior cat ThunderClan cat are you?

Find out which warrior cat you are in my first quiz! ^_^ I hope you like it!

published on March 02, 201517 responses 7
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Ugg... Cloudtail messed up the fresh-kill pile... AGAIN! What do you do?

Grumble under your breath, and ask him to
help you clean it up.
Hiss, and walk into your den. He can pick it
up on his own!
Smile, and help him pick it up.
Roll your eyes "Oh Cloudtail... Get over here!"
Pick it up, but remind yourself to make him do
it next time.
Pick it up, and have fun doing it!
Feel a little annoyed, but pick it up anyway.

Oh, mouse dung! You missed the squirrel on your big warrior assessment! What do you do?

Bite your lip, but promise yourself that there
an even BIGGER squirrel!
Oh well... You don't catch them all!
Stalk away, and forget the assessment.
Look around nervously to see if your mentor
Shrug it off.
Sit down, and feel like crying.
Get happier! Now you get to prove yourself
even more!

An annoying cricket keeps singing right next to your ear... What do you do?

Stick a claw in it, and watch it struggle...
Search for it, and then put it outside.
Yowl in anger, and then don't go back to
Grumble, and try to ignore it.
Smush it.
Put sheep wool in your ears.

Mm... Your best friend just caught you the BEST mouse you've ever had! What do you do?

Nothing. Pray that there are more mice like it.
Smile, and thank him/her.
Nod at them as you pass.
Thank them, and just go about your day.
Thank them, and then remind yourself to
catch them one.
Eat it happily, but then feel bad. "Should I
have left her some?"
Thank them again and again.

Time to clean the elders den! What do you do?

Glare at your mentor. "But..."
Nod. At least I have SOMETHING to do!
Roll your eyes. "Gee, thanks!"
Well, I GUESS the elders deserve it...
Clean it right away. The elders derserve only
the best!
Finally! Something to do!
Yes! Maybe Purdy will tell me that fox story...

You have the choice to save a kit, an elder, your mate, your best friend, or your leader, who's on their last life! Who do you save?

The leader! We need him!
Ah! Grab the kit! The future of the Clan!
Save myself!
Haul the elder out... If I can.
My mate! How could I survive without him/her?!
The kit! She can ride on my shoulders!
My best friend! No matter what, I need her!