Your Future Career

what job will you have when your older? this test will (try) to tell you the Not-So-Positive Answer to your Random Question!

published on July 23, 201435 responses 10
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When/if You pray at night You alot of times...

Pray for people in danger
Pray for Anything/Everyone you know
Pray for people that are sick or have cancer
Pray for the animals on earth and /or in your own home

Your home alone and just got home from school. You...

Go up to your room and read youre AMAZING book youve been reading
Sing as loud as you can because hey, your home alone and no one can hear you! :P
Go on the internet and research some random topic your interested in (LOL)
Research a natural disaster that hapend on the news
Play with You pet! And try to teach them some new trick that they probably cant learn anyways!

Youre driving down the road and see a stray dog that looks horribly skinny and misserable

You keep it and nurse it back to help
Your nurse it back to help and send it to the animal shelter
You feed it and wonder how someone could be so horrible to an innocent animal and promise never to act like that to a dog
You nurse it back to health and ask your friends and family to pray for it

Your friend hurts her leg before the school play is about to start and she has a lead! you...

Offer to play the lead for her! (knowing she probably wont let you!!)
Tell her that everything will be ok as long as she has hope
Get an adult or someone to help her and ask them to Hold Curtain
Grab a wrap or bandaid out of your bag and tell her she needs to rest

close your eyes for ten seconds and on ten, what couler do you see?

dark red
navy blue
A lot of diferant coulers