Which Total Diva are you?

Which Total Diva are you?

Find out which Total Diva you are most like today! The possibility can be endless!

published on January 19, 201519 responses 7
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Which boy other than your husband is hot?

Sami Zayn <3
Eric Rowan
Jey Uso
Damien Mizdow
Justin Gabriel?
Cody Rhodes T.T
Mhmm um maybe...Sin Cara?
Darren Young is my gay baby :3
Sheamus! Yuh!
I don't know...Adiran Neville seems sweet!

What is your favorite color?

Golden girl!
Green yo!
Pink is fabulous,like me!
Silver it is the most Fearless amongst colors.
Yellow teehee!
Orange is a calm pale color.
Glistening pink! Any sexiness involved!
Jet black
Purpleish tint of black

Which movie represents you?

Red Riding hood
Brides Maids!
Step Up
Romeo & Juliet!
Hunger Games (I will totally win!)
Lion King (Best Disney film out there)
Shark Tale
Pitch Perfect
Hood Winked
X-men days of future past! Baby yes!
Harry Potter

What is the biggest issue out there today?

Girls feeling like they need men!
Global damn warming!
Theres no issues when it comes to me FEARLESS!
The killing rate of animals
I'm cool...
Gay rights!
War is a pretty much bad thing
I dernt-kner-about-thert one (XD) Wait I know! Emma is a big problem! And Aj,I love her too <3 WTF?!
Abortion is a big problem here in the U.S.

Which rivalry did you enjoy the most

Aj Lee was it for me
I didn't like some storylines so True Divas vs Total Divas
I liked how sharkesha Naomi went on Cameron #hashtag ass woopin!
Um..well Natalya & Summer Rae was good but Layla vs Sumemer Rae was so much better! Gobdley Gooker!
Well I enjoy watching Brie getting demolished so any Brie demolition one. More towards Nikki vs Brie
I don't care I don't pay attention to divas as much
I really enjoyed seeing Stephanie in another match so Brie Vs Stephanie
I don't know..it's a tough decision
All I liked is when Alicia Fox ruled the divas!
When Aj Lee piped bomb the Total Divas man it was a time to destroy her!

Which TNA Diva would you get in the ring with?

I don't knwo who Angelina Love think she is!
I wanna fight some Awesome Kong hell yeah!
Iv'e been hearing about this Brittany girl maybe I should show her who's boss?
Oooo Chalala! I would for sure fight one half of the Beautiful people. Does't matter which one i'll still win. Yeah Velvet
Madison Rayne you thought you were fearless try me!
Gail Kim thinks she is this spiritual monster! Time to bring it to TNA
Martie Bell seems okay for me.
ODB seems to be original something I bring to Total Divas!
Havok meets fox!
I need to show Taryn Tarell that this is my house!
TNA is a super athlete! ring me a boy,someone like Ethan Carter!

Which Total Diva is your rival?

Summer Rae
I'm friendly with everyone...
Rosa Mendes!
Summer Rae I can't stand her!

Which WWE Couples do you ship!

Sami Zayn x Bayley :D
Is it wrong to love Triple H X Stephanie i'm not so sure anymore
Jimmy x Jey (Don't tell Jimmy plz :x)
Fandango & Rosa is cute kinda!
Nikki x John Cena duh!
I always thought Brie x Roman Reign to much fanfiction on it (Bryan doesn't know) I also dig Brie x John Cena!
Darren Young & Randy Orton (My own little thang)
Paige x Natalya
Justin Gabriel x JoJo but he can go to hell
Fans x Natalya XD

Who do you hate the most since watching Total Divas?

JoJo even though she only was in the first season
I akways felt like Naomi hasn't been seen enough that sex freak!
I don't know I mean...Nattie what the damn hell!
Rosa & Nattie always just...I don't know over board!
Brie is just a nosy little tramp
I feel as though that Summer can be naughty & never nice that;s it point blank period!
All the girls but Rosa is like drama attention!
I feel as though the only person who ever approached me was Rosa
I like all the girls but Nattie is to aggressive
The bellas they can be nice but I don't shit with them

Are you ready for the final question?

Sure girl!
Lets do this! I'm hot and ready!
Well finally...
Not yet
No,just no i'm done with this
Crystal! Wait that made no sense!
Hurry my computer is getting slower!
Hell yeah!
Okay! God! Go already! Gawd! What are you waiting for!

Which Diva outside of Total Divas has the best finisher?

Sasha Banks
Aj Lee
No one has a better finisher than a Total Diva
Total Diva or no Total Diva Paige!
Tamina Snuka is kinda well with it all
Emma? I'm not sure! Emma!
I'm digging Alexa Bliss
Belly to Bayley!
If I Had to say all time it would be Trish Stratus no contest!