What Is Your Love Language? (1)

How do you express your love to your friends, family, or partner? Take this fun, new quiz to find out!

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What makes you feel content?

When the person you love tells you they miss you
When the person you love helps you out with a task
Getting a surprise gift from a loved one
You and your loved one spending hours together

You show love to loved ones by...

Focusing on them when you're together
Giving them a special gift
Planning fun activities together
Speaking approvingly about them to others

A loved one hurts your feelings by...

Forgetting to get you a thoughtful gift for a key anniversary
Not helping you when you need it most
Thinking about something else when you're together, rather than focusing on your time
Criticizing you

You feel most loved when a loved one...

Helps you with your to-do list
Tells you how important you are to them
Takes the time to truly listen and understand you
Buys you a special gift

When you are feeling low or stressed, you feel better when a loved one...

Spends quality moments with you
Sends you funny pictures
Does something useful to make your life easier
Says encouraging things to you

How do you feel connected with someone?

When you do an activity together
When they do something to accommodate your routine
When they gift you something that's really thought through
When they say something meaningful to you

Which one of the following feels the most meaningful to you?

A loved one buying you your favorite food
Being near someone you love, even if you're doing different things
A text saying that your loved one loves you
A loved one doing the chores for no reason

When do you feel appreciated by a loved one?

When they do something for you, even if it's not something they enjoy
When they give you a genuine compliment
When they dedicate time to you
When they offer to buy you lunch

What do you look for in a potential partner?

Someone who has a good job and is successful
Someone who is flexible with their job so they can spend time with you
Someone who can make great conversation
Someone who is kind and caring

What do you love most about your partner or loved one?

Their voice
Their ambition
Their heart
Their time