Would you survive my mind? (5)

Would you survive my mind? (5)

So... My mind is kinda crazy... Can you survive? Maybe you can. Maybe you cant. And maybe you will be stuck there. We will never know. :)

published on May 06, 202128 responses 4
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So you just entered my mind and you see a girl hanging by her ankles on a tree about to be burned alive. What do you do?

HELP HER OBVIOUSLY!!! ( Jeez you didnt have to yell )
Leave to burn. She probably deserved it.
You place a bomb under the tree and kill everyone their.
You just ignore everyone their and keep trying to find the exit to my mind.
You shoot one of the people and demand everyone follow you on your rampage.

You come across a building that is on fire. What do you do?

You keep on walking past... ignoring everything around you.
You run in the building and help everyone inside get out.
You get the people out but threaten to kill them if they dont follow you. ( Jeez... you are Just a tiny Hitler)
You thow a molotov by the exit and trap the people in their
You help the people out with the fire fighters and start to build reputation.

You come across a stage and see me giving a motavational speech to help the people out in there time of need. What do you do.

You snipe me off the stage and threaten everyone you will do the same to them if they dont bow to you, but they all run.
You stop and wave at me, and after I wave back you keep walking.
You throw down mine turtles and kill everyone one the ground. As you turn around you see my eyes turn pitch black while leaking tears of blood.
You give up on finding the exit and go down to listen to speech. You decide to stay here. :)
You try to force me to take you back to your home.

Almost done.

NOOO!!!! :(
YES FINALLY ITS OVER!!! ( Not just yet ) WHAT!?!? ( nothing )

You see a portal to the real world. What do you do?

Run towards it and enter.
You turn around and play with the random elephants.
You take a step forward and hesitate... then the portal closes.
You try to enter the portal but you cannot fit due to you being to tall.
You walk away from it to your new office as the mindscapes new ruler.