WWFFY-Part 3!

WWFFY-Part 3!

I know most of you have been waiting for this sorry for taking SOO LONG! But now i have created part 3! I hope you enjoy! :D

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After the date the white and red hedgehog invited you to a sleepover! You went upstairs and saw the white and red hedgehog with 2 black PERMANENT markers! Hey SilverMist said with a small evil smirk on her face. Why do you have markers? You asked. Because we are gonna draw the boys a mustache! SilverMist gave you a marker. Make sure your very quiet though we dont want them to find out!

This is gonna be awesome!
Do i have to? (me: yes!) Why? (me: because waffles told you to!) Aww!
Oh my gosh ... x3
Yes! Hehe!

I will draw on __. What about you __?


Ok then! SilverMist said. But be careful you never know what they might do to you once they wake up and notice they have a mustache! Are you ready __?

No! What if they hate me then? (me: i promise they're not) How do you know? (me: because listen to the waffle!) XD
But i'm just too lazy! (me: o: are you denying waffles?) Yes ... :3 (me: how dare you!)
Ok then ... Let's do it! I guess ...
Yes! I've been ready! Now get on with it! (me: be patient or else waffles will feel pressured!)

You and SilverMist both walked up the stairs quietly. SilverMist opened the door a tiny crack to see if they were asleep. She saw that they were. Come on hurry! SilverMist whispered to you.

(Is rocking back and forth) (me: -_-)
Eh ... But your too far now ... (me: -_- get up here like now!) Fine ...
Ok ok wait i dont want to wake them up! (me: just hurry!) patience! (me: sry i am just excited) its ok (me: :D) :D
Yes! Let's do this! Whoo! (me: shhh!) XD

You grab your marker, open the lid and, slowly start drawing on their face.

I wonder what Sonic would look like with a mustache :3 ...
Hmm ... Maybe Shadow would look manly XD!
What about Silver? How would he look like with one? Lol!
Knuckles would probably look hotter ...