Which Dinosaur Are You?

Which Dinosaur Are You?

Includes, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Troodon, Triceratops, Brachiosaur, Or Utahraptor.

published on February 03, 201628 responses 10
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What Is Your Diet>

Meat Bro! MEAT!
MEAT! And The Occasional Fish. But Mostly Any MEAT!
A Lot Of Salads
Anything I Can Find Tasty
Some Berries. Maybe A Salad Or Two
Mostly Meat. But All In Balance

What Are Your Feelings On Education?

I'm All For It!
Eh, Maybe Some Other Time
Sure, Without Education I Can't Prosper, Live Long And Prosper
Yeah, I Like Education
Depends, Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out...
Oh Yeah, How Else Do I Recruit Allies And Make Myself More Clever?

Here's A Free Choice, Which Dino Would You Like To Be?


How Many Friends Do You Have?

A Group, A Pack If You'd Like.
I'm Usually On My Own But I Have My Select Group.
I Have A Great Herd Of Friends! LOTS!
As Many As I Want To Crush My Enemies/
As Many As I Need To Ambush!
I Have A Lot Of Friends.

Which Of These School Related Things Sound Most Appealing To You?

Becoming King Of My School!
Making A Group And Being The Best!
Just Be A Really Funny Guy!
To Pass With All A's
To Roll Around With My Herd!
To Not Accidentally Hurt Those Around Me.

What Is Your Opinion On Wars?

We Need Em'!
I'm Not A Fan.
No Way!!!
Sometimes That's Humanities Way Of Arguing.
Only If I'm Attacked!
Not Very Smart.

Which Is Your Favorite Video Game From The List?

PC Game? I Only Use My Laptop For Studying.
ARK Survival Evolved
Anything FPS.

Which Of These Do You Want In Life?

I Want The World To Be A Peaceful Place.
I Want A Rebellion Against The Corrupt Government!
I Want A Normal Life With A Pinch Of Spice.
I Have An Adventurous Life Ahead!
I Want To Be World MINE!
I Want To Cure Cancer!