Are you a tomboy or a girly girl ?(of course for girls only)

Ever wonder weather your a girly girl or a Tomboy or do want to take a appropriate quiz well this is a quiz you might want to take.

published on March 02, 201723 responses 0 3.0★ / 5

What is you favourite Color ?

Pink,purple or turquoise
Blue,green or orange

How do you feel about shopping ?


How much do you wear makeup?

Often/I would wear more make up if I was older but for now I sometimes use a little lip gloss here and there

Which would you chose to wear as a Guest to a wedding?

A sparking gown that of corse does not outshine the bride
A simple but pretty dress that doesn't stand out too much

Which of these names would you name your white long haired female cat?

Snowball,Snow White or snowflake
Lilly,blizzard or Madeline
Kate or kit kit or sam/samantha
Fluff or fuzzy or princess

Which of the following is the best video games to play?

Village life
Virtual families
Salon and makeup games
The trail
Geometry dash

What is your Style of clothes?

Um pjs I guess
Jogging pants and a cozy shirt with maybe a cozy sweater
Jeans and a tee shirt with maybe a cozy sweater
A dress
In one pink
Black jeans a nice shirt and a sweater