What is Your Fatal Flaw?

What is Your Fatal Flaw?

Your fatal flaw could be vanity, hubris, or low self-esteem. Find out what your flaw is by taking this brief quiz.

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how often do you take selfies?

what the heck is a selfie?
I take them all the time! How else will I let my followers know where i am?
I take them every once in a while when I feel really cute.
I love group selfies! My besties and I take the goofiest pics when we're together!

Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full?

I don't care as long as I can get a refill.
Half full! I always see life in a positive way!
half empty. I learned a long time ago to expect the worse from everything.

What do you think is your best quality?

My beauty
My loyalty
I can't choose just one! I'm too awesome!
I don't know...

You have 3 words. Describe yourself

cute, nice, talented
Only 3 words? I'll do it in 2! talented, witty
loyal, caring, compassionate
sad, poetic, sarcastic

Do you prefer to be alone or with a friend?

having a best friend makes everything more fun!
I work alone. I don't need anyone distracting me from the important things in life.

Are you competitive?

Yes, but only with my friends. I must have that high score!
No. I don't bother. That high score isn't going to matter in 50 years
I compete for everything. I am a champion! And you're gonna hear me ROAR!