Should you take a shower?

Should you take a shower?

Take this quiz t see if it''s time for you to take a shower! Are you stinky? Or sparkling clean? It's time you've found out..(:

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Do you clean or spray your shoes often?

Not very often.. but sometimes.
Yeah, keep my feet less stinky!
No, I don't see why..
No, it's dumb. I don't care if my feet get dirty.

Are you wearing deodorant right now?

Uh-huh! I wear a lot.. lolz
No, cause I forgot. :/
Nahh. Never have. Never will. xD

How many times do your wash your hands?

After I go to the bathroom.
After I eat or go to the bathroom.
Not often.. only when my hands have mud on 'em.
Not gonna lie.. never.

Do you do your own laundry?

No, I don't know how yet.
NO WAY. ew.
Yes, all the time.

Are your clothes clean?

My shirt is, but my pants/shorts are from the hamper.
HECK YES. I'm not a pig!
No, today's laundry day. (A lot of my clothes are being washed.