What will happen in your future?

What will happen in your future?

Here's a quiz that will tell you how your future will be! Rich? Poor? Find out now!

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What is your favorite drink?

Tea or Coffee.

Green? Blue? Brown? Orange?

Green..means money, right?(:
Brown.. the color of mud..

Love? or Money?

I'm stuck.. I could use the money. But my family and friends mean so much to me.
Money! I NEED IT!
Ehh. Who needs love really..?!

A poor man is on the street with no money and has cuts and bruises all over. What do you do?

I probably know him..
Laugh and remind myself that I'm better.
Give him a few bucks.(:
Walked by as if I didn't see him.

What's your favorite meal?

Grilled salmon with lemon drizzled on top. With a side of Greek salad,
Left overs from a sandwich I took from my parents house..
Salad and a burger.
A pizza with some fries and coke.