What is your personality? (7)

What is your personality? (7)

Find out whether you are a water pixie, a fire crystal, an earth lily, or a air raven.

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How do you feel about animal shortening?

Animal what?
*shrugs* it's animal shortening.
How could people do such a horrible thing to poor
animals?! *sob sob*
I don't think it's a very good Idea. Animals will soon
seek their wrath.

How many friends do you have?

(Pretty much the whole school!)

Would you eat meat?

MEAT?! *faints*
Are you kiddin' me?! I can't get enough!
Sometimes. I guess it's okay.
OF COURSE! I LUV meat! But don't get me wrong and
think that's ALL I eat.

Why are you taking this quiz?

'Cause, it's not like any of the personalities exist or
anything. I just wanna see who you think I am.
Because! It's like, my destiny to take this!!! I CAN'T
Well, I'm on qfeast.com, so I might as well take a quiz
No reason/all of the above

Which one?

A Cat (preferably black)
A Bird.
Tiny little fishies!!!
An adorable bunnie!

Your family is going on a vacay for 4 weeks. Were would you suggest to go?

A camping trip next to a nice lake or pool
SKY DIVIN'! Whoo Hoo! I live on the edge baybe!
A 5-star hotel resort complete with gaming room.
Anywhere as long as I'm with my family and pets.

Which is your favorite?

Ice cream
Carrot sticks with ranch dip
Cotton Candy

How do you find time to exercise?

I don't have to find time. I'm just practically running
around and playing 24/7.
I swim laps in the local swimming pool for at least an
hour a day.
I play softball 4 days a week.
I go on a long walk every day at 10:00pm and think
about my day.

On a scale of 1-4, how popular would you consider yourself to be?

7! I'm off the charts yo!
1. I don't know that many people.
3. I guess I have a lot of friends.
4 DUH. Anyone who knows me can obviously see that.

And finally, the last question. This is a yay or nay question, did you like this quiz?

Oh shut up Unknown13. Of course not. Your results
are gonna be stupid anyway.
Sure, whateves.
Yeah, but I don't really get it.
Yes! It was really cool and clevvver.