What character are you? (1)

What character are you? (1)

Confident Desiree? Fashionable Ashley? Sporty Jacob? Flirty Bertha? Find out by taking this quiz!

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Someone gives you fashion advice. You totally listen.

Of course not! I would be the one giving the advice!
Maybe. But I would add my own flair to it.
Sort of. But it would take a lot of persuading. A LOT.
I don't need people to tell me what to wear. I'm my
own person I don't care what people think of me.

Your fave shoes are...

i guess just sneakers.
High tops. They definitely add some personality.

You go to a pool party around the block. Your immediate first choice to wear is.

A super cute bikini! You have an awesome shape.
Any swim trunks.
Anything totally hot!
Just something simple. You're not trying to impress

If you were a number you'd be...

14! So many things happen at that age.
64. It's the number on my jersey.
My fave number is always my age. I don't think to
much about it.
4. It's the only number I can remember from a fortune

Your ideal hair color would be...

Nothing! My hair looks so good already!
Who cares?!
Pink or red. That's why my streaks are those colors!
Brown. I'm gonna dye it that color some day.

You're constantly asking people about how you look.

Totes! You have too look perfect for EVERYONE.
Well, after I've eaten pizza, sure.
Hehe, I don't need to ask. I know I look great.
Well, I can't see in mirrors so duh, yeah.

Which time period best describes your style?

The 50's
The 60's
The 90's
The 80's

Which Victorious character is most like you?

Tori! Popular, and nice.
Beck. Hot, sweet, and kind.
Trina! I just know I'm a star.
Jade. Independent, and not afraid to speak my mind.


Not Really

The music that best describes you is...

Pop! I'm not afraid to have a good time.
Classical. Calm and Collected.
Rock! If I don't show the guys a good time, who will?
Heavy Metal! It just means something.