What Kind of girlfriend

What Kind of girlfriend

A clean teenage quiz for girls This quiz is to find out what kind of girlfriend you are, and how you react to minor and major floors in your relationship.

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Your boyfriend is trying very hard to impress you, but it's not working. Do you...

Laugh along with him, even though you're cringing inside
Smile, but turn on the TV to drown out the sound of his rubbish jokes.
Put your hand over his mouth and tell him a monkey's bum could tell funnier jokes than him.
Shrug and move further away from him.
Tell him you're sorry, but you've arranged to meet your best mate at Top Shop. (Anything's better than those rubbish jokes!)

You and your boyfriend have an arguement, and you feel you should make up. Do you...

Rush over and give him a hug
Smile at him and say sorry for being silly over nothing
Scream at him at the top of your voice, before pushing him physically out of the door.
Flounce out in a huff, and don't come back for two days, just to get him worried.
Give yourself a break from him, and go out with someone else, just for a bit, because you feel that it's his fault, but you don't want to shout at him.

Your boyfriend asks your friend to the prom. Do you say...

Oh hun! I still love you, and I forgive you, even though you may like her better than me! *Sniff and cry*
What? When your friend asked me, I said no! That is a bit unfair! (But you just smile and go with someone else to make him jealous)
Slap him round the face and say, "You cheater! How could you!? You're dumped!" (But you secretly think he'll probably come running back)
You tell you're other friends he's an idiot and give him horrible glares and try and make him jealous.
Laugh around with another guy to make him jealous, but don't say anything to him.

You hear your friends talking about your boyfriend, saying mean things about him. Do you say...

Shut up guys! You don't know him and he's gorgeous, so just keep you mouths shut!
Excuse me guys, he's my boyfriend and I wouldn't have gone out with him if I didn't like him, so please stop it.
*Blush bright red and say* Yeah, he's a loser, I'm way too good for him! Why did I even go out in the first place? I'll go and dump him now!
Just shrug and nod, but make no attemt to stand up for him.
Yeah, he can be a bit of an idiot sometimes, but isn't everyone?

Your boyfriend wants to go out with his friends on Friday night, but it's your time with him.
Do you...

Cry your eyes out till he gives you a hug and says he'll stay with you.
Beg him not to for a bit, but then give in.
Say no, and then virtually tie him to the sofa so you can have a romantic evening in, even though he doesn't want to, and when he struggles, you hold him down, threatening to dump him if he doesn't keep still.
Complain to your friends, and then ruin his evening by texting him and texting him.
Act like you care a lot, give him a hug, then hit the town with you mates., for a girly shopping trip.

You hear your mates talking about your boyfriend, saying he's fit and that they're going to try and get him to go out with them. Do you say...

Back of morons, he's mine! Get your own!
Actually guys, I'm going out with him, and I'd rather you didn't talk about that, you're making me feel uncomfortable.
Eww! How can you like him?! He's ugly!
(But secretly you're feeling annoyed and jealous)
Shrug and say, "He's OK"
Guys, he's mine! (In a joking way) and smile.

Your boyfriend asks you to the prom and you say yes, but then someone way more gorgeous asks you. Do you say...

No! Never! I have a boyfriend and I love him so much!
No I'm sorry...I already have a boyfriend.
Yeah! My boyfriend will never know...he'll think I'm ill!
Yeah! I'll get my friend to tell him I'm dumping him, because it's too awkward for me to tell him!
Yes, it's only one dance, but you're not my boyfriend, I've already got one. I'll go and tell him I can't go with him but I'm not dumping him!

Your boyfriend seems to be always flirting with you're friends, and not spending anytime with you. Do you...

Follow him around and always Hug him and cling onto him, letting the other girls know he belongs to you.
Just act like you don't care, but then ask to have a private talk with him to tell him how you feel.
Go out with another, fitter guy, despite knowing you're still going out with him, and the next morning, dump him in the most stylish way possible.
Give him a killing look, which makes him feel really uncomfortable and blush and feel guilty.
Just think of it as his break, and do nothing. You know he'll come back to you.

Your boyfriend has had a tough day and needs someone to complain to. He decides on you. Do you say...

Oh hun, I'll make you some cookies to cheer you up.!
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to talk about it? Only if you want to though.
I had a tough day too. I guess you're not alone.
I'm sorry about that. Can I get you anything to cheer you up? Coke? Lemonade?

Your boyfriend accidently treads on your toe. Do you say...

Oh I love you, don't worry!!
Don't worry it's fine, just give me a hug to make up for it! :)
Jump on his toe ten times harder. and say, "say sorry!"
Say it's fine, but when he turns round, tread on his toe lightly and scowl.
say in a joking way, "Hey, I've just had that expensive pedicure done! You'll be paying for that!"