Gryffin Quiz: Part III

Gryffin Quiz: Part III

You have your looks, you have your personality, but are you a loner? After this quiz, nope!! You are going to have a home! Take the quiz!!

published on July 30, 201238 responses 7 4.7★ / 5

Do you like the cold?

Love it!!
No no no!!
Can't stand it!!
I can stand it, but I like warmer better.

Do you like a lot of plants?

Not much.
I can live with them.
I love them!!

Do you like heat?

I cannot live with it!!
I love it!
Not a lot...
If it's dry... no, humidity is better.

Can you live with others?

Only my flock!
Yes, I love others!
No, not at all.
Only a small group of friends.

Should there be a sequel to this quiz?

No, wtf is wrong with this??!!
It can be improved.