Which of my favorite sodas do you represent?

Coke or Sprite? Excuse me but umm, well, I love both so ummm, better get going.

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Do you like art?

Yes, of course!
No way!
Possibly, if it doesn't involve naked people ~_~
Yeah, it just isn't my favorite

Do you like hanging with friends?

No, my friends are jerks
Yes, I get lonely very easily
Only so often, sometimes they just ignore me
Kind of, my friends talk about things I don't understand

Do you believe in angels?

Nuh-uh, they don't exist
Of course, I'm not angel but, my friends are
I believe they might exist
Nope, there is no proof so, they couldn't be real

Do you like the dark?

YES! The dark is my favorite!
No, I'm afraid of the dark.
The dark is ok, for sleeping which is pleasant
The dark is creepy, it makes me uncomfortable

Do you like drawing?

Yes, drawing is fun, it helps me express myself!
No way! Drawing is for babies!
Drawing is not very fun, I'm not very good at it
Drawing makes me happy, so yeah!

Do you like listening to music?

No, music is just. Eww
Yes, music helps express people, I sing A LOT!
Kind of, it's not my fav but it's ok.
Music is loud, annoying, and DISGUSTING!

Which emotion do you feel most often?


(Very random) Do you like Pop music?

Yes, pop music is wonderful!
Naw, too loud and obnoxious
Pop music is not my favorite but I'll give it a thumbs up
Sometimes, it's kind of loud and, too much complaining about relationships

Do you like creepy stuff?

NO!! :( I'm horribly afraid of BUGS!
YES! Creepy is my life!
Maybe. It all depends
I don't know how to answer this

How would you describe yourself?


Do you like being the center of attention?

No, three's a crowd to me
Yes, it makes me feel special
Eh, so-so, makes me feel so weird, having so many eyes on me
Maybe, it makes me kind of nervous