Gryffin Quiz: Part I

Gryffin Quiz: Part I

Do you love gryffins? Their intelligence, their bravery, their posture and form? Do you consider yourself one? Take this quiz to see if you are a gryffin, then, if you are, search part two, what color are you and your personality, and, part three, where you live in the land of the gryffins!, Go ahead!

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Do you like the mountains?

YES!! They are fascinating!!

What superpower would you have? Choose one:

Element Bending

Do you like to read?

Yes! Books are amazing! I read and I am in a whole new world!
No, books are a waste of time!!
I have dyslexia, can't really read.

Do you consider this term:
If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all!

Yes, useful things should only be spoken.
I can say what I want!

How do you react if someone annoys you?

Stare and don't say anything.
Ignore them.
Argue with them.
Beat them up.

How would your friends describe you?

Feirce around people they hate, kind around friends.
Feirce around everyone!!
Kind around everyone.
What friends? I am a rougue when I'm in school!

Do you like lions?


Are you a vegitarian?

Vegan, idiot!

Do you like birds?

Yes! I love how they have more freedom than anyone in the world!!
No, bird poop, gross!!
Allergic, sorry.

Did you like this quiz?

Could be better.
I have suggustions.