Which Sonic charater would date u?! (4 girls ONLY)

Answer these fun and easy questions 2 find out which sonic guy would date u!

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What is ur fav color?

Orangey yellow

Which would u be?

Rouge The Bat
Tikal The Echidna
Cream The Rabbit
Amy Rose The Hedgehog

What would u do on ur first date?

Invent something. U have so many ideas!
Guard the Master Emerald. U never know who
is going to try to take it!
Help Eggman. U want to find out more about
ur past!
Go for a run. U need to stay in shape!

What ability would u want?


Who do u want to go out with?

Sonic of course! He is so Cool!!
Tails!! He is so CUTE!!
Shadow! He's so Hot!
Knuckles! He's so Strong!