Which Sonic charater would date u?! (4 girls ONLY)

Answer these fun and easy questions 2 find out which sonic guy would date u!

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Who do u want to go out with?

Sonic of course! He is so Cool!!
Tails!! He is so CUTE!!
Shadow! He's so Hot!
Knuckles! He's so Strong!

What is ur fav color?

Orangey yellow

Which would u be?

Rouge The Bat
Tikal The Echidna
Cream The Rabbit
Amy Rose The Hedgehog

What would u do on ur first date?

Invent something. U have so many ideas!
Guard the Master Emerald. U never know who
is going to try to take it!
Help Eggman. U want to find out more about
ur past!
Go for a run. U need to stay in shape!

What ability would u want?