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See if you are brook, Alisha,Rachel,savanna,Lina,Jenny,Tom or sage. Have a good one

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If you had to be ambaresset by brook how would you be ambaresset?

Ambaressing tabe of you falling into mud
In front of every body brook pours slime on
Brook making you ware a horrible outfit to school

If you were driven to school by a boy who would it be?

The Wiesel techer
An idoint

Your on a tv show with savvy/brook . What do you do and ware?

Ware devil and be mean
Ware angel and act nice
Ware clown and poop out jelly beans

If your dream dress were real what would it look like?

Dragging blue sparkly
Red,short and it says : sexy girl!
Cupcake with sparkles
Tutu gown .(pink hot pink zebra strips).

Brook Calls you a blubbery nugget by EVERYBODY.

Say holy crap!!!
Kiss sage by brook.
Spred a rumor.

LAST . How would you work things out with brook ?

Tell her you will do what she wants as long as she doesn't hurt you
Tell her your sorry but please don't hurt me
Shuf a apple pie in her face