Wouldja rather?? ;)

Wouldja rather?? ;)

Wouldja rather... what sort of person do you want to be? ;;D hehe

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Wouldja rather??
Go out with a cool guy or Make a new friend?

go out with him
make the new friend

Wouldja rather??
Go out with your friends to the park or Trade in your school books for a load of beauty products?

To the park with your mates
Swap the school books for beauty products

Wouldja rather??
Have the whole class think you're boring or Have to hang around with all your friends- with their boyfriends

hang out with all your friends and their bf's
have the whole class laugh at you

Wouldja rather??
Be whispered about by the group of 'popular ppl' or Run away from school one lunchtime?

Run away from school
be talked about by the cool crowd

Wouldja rather??
Go to school without brushing your hair and doing mascara or Say a really bad joke, and you're the only one laughing

Nobody laughing at what you said
You looking very awful at school