What's your secret inside thing?

What is your hidden person inside you?? Find out on this quiz (:

published on October 06, 2010137 responses 36 3.9★ / 5
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Someone asks you out, who do ask for advice on the situation??

Your best friend
You go on Ask Jeeves
You ask your pet
Just say yes, don't ask anyone

Your in maths and the teacher says something that insults you, what do you do??

Start asking him really advanced maths questions to try confuse him
Smile and laugh it off, you're sure he didnt mean any harm
Start screaming swear words at him in French
Draw him an inventive picture of what you think of him.

Your birthday's coming up, and what do you want??

Anything i dont really mind!
A puzzle or word game
Something small and quiet
The spanish version of a book

Your lil brother turns the tv on and asks what you was to watch, what do you say??

You turn it onto the shopping channel, and order some new pencils
Tell him he can watch whatever he wants to watch
You turn it onto this animal 24/7 show
You turn The Gadget Show on