Who are you most like from Legally Blonde the Musical?

Who are you most like from Legally Blonde the Musical?

Just a fun quiz! Please DON'T put in answers that will give you the results of the character you want! That would be dishonest to the quiz and we want to hear about YOU not the characters!

published on July 27, 201232 responses 2
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What's your favorite color?

Navy Blue
Anything looks good on me as long as it's a suit!
I don't have one.
Brown I guess

If your boyfriend left you, what would you do?

Follow him and show him you can be what he wants you to.
I've never been dumped. I'm always the one dumping.
Bend and snap.
Annoy him into taking you back.
Bust out the lap dance.
I'm a guy.
Let it go. He probably didn't deserve me anyway.
Make sure he doesn't leave you.
Cry and eat milky ways and ice cream.
I'm too gorgeous to be dumped.

If your ex- husband took your only pet/child what would you do?

My partner would never do that.
I'm single.
Cry and eat ice cream.
Don't let him.
Use a legal defense.
Wet his appetite, then take it back.
Flirt the things back.
Slap him and take them back.
I'm too hot to be dumped.
March up to them and demand the things/pets/people back.

If you were a law teacher, would you flirt with one of your students?

No, that's disgusting!
If they're hot.
Hmmm... it's possible.
I will.
Definetly not.
I'd never become a law teacher, I'm to smart enough. :(
I'm fine with just being a hot UPS guy!

Do you think shaking junk to win back guys is reasonable?

At first, then you realize it's silly.
I'm a guy.
Hmmm... I think so.
Works every time!
I'm a guy but I'd love to have that happen to me!
Of course not.
Hmmm... I really don't know.
Usually girls try and do that to me, but I think it's silly.