Would I like you if i met you?

Would I like you if i met you?

Hope the answer isn't no!

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You want to go play with your friends, but which one?

Any, you don't mind
Your friend that you can take the mick out of
The most popular one
The one with a boyfriend

You fancy this guy/girl, what do you do?

You don't think he/she likes you so nothing
Your too nervous to ask him/her out
Be nice to him/her, until he asks you out
Oh just ask him/her out!

Your bored, what to do?

Go on your laptop
Text some people, using a bit of your credit
Fight with your brother/sister ect.
Read a book

Which season do you like best Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter?

Summer, hot hot hot
Winter, the snow and christmas if you celebrate it!
Autumn, the golden leaves on the floor
Spring, fresh and new

Whats your idea of fun?

Being at the park with all your friends and the boy/girl you like
Doing some sports
Reading a good old book

What colour eyes do you like the most?

A sort of green/brown

So what kind of hair colour do you like?

Brown of any shade
Firery Red
Natural Blonde or Bleech blonde
Jet Black

Okay.. whats your favorite subject?