Which Disney princess are you?

Which Disney princess are you?

Find out which Disney princess you're most like! Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, or Mulan!

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You like the guy that all your friends hate. You:

Daydream about how you could be together.
Continue liking him, since when is it their
problem who I
Ask them out in a moment of insanity.
Don't date them for the sake of your reputation.
Act like you don't like them at all.
Tell your friends to deal with it.
See them secretly so your friends won't know.
Tell them about it and hope they'll be accepting.

You like a guy who is:

You like a guy who is:

You know someone cheated on a test. You:

Keep it to yourself.
Tell your mom, maybe she'll know what to do.
Tell the person they should give themselves in.
leave it to them.
Tell your friends.
Think it's wrong but say nothing.
Don't care, why does it matter? People cheat all
Are probably the one who cheated.
March right up to the teacher and tell them.

What is your favorite color?

Light Blue.
Light Green.
Dark blue.
Dark Green.

Your favorite hobby is:

Your favorite hobby is:
Anything your parents would object to.
Facebook-stalking people.
Making clothes.
Singing and daydreaming.
Hanging out with your guy friends.
Anything outside.
Anything adventurous and spontaneous.

Someone in your group of friends asks if you want to go TP a house. You:

Are the one that came up with it, duh!
Go just for the heck of it.
Act as a lookout.
Are afraid of getting caught, so you stay.
Give in to peer pressure and go.
Tag along, a little rebellion never hurt anyone.
Stay, it's childish.
Bring eggs just in case you spot an unprotected

Your parents:

Your parents:
Are Strict.
Are Controlling.
Are Imaginative.
Aren't very understanding.
Are just plain Mean.
Are Willing to do anything to keep you safe.
Aren't very talkative.
Don't listen.

You and your best friend:

You and your best friend:
Are very loyal to each other.
Tell each other everything.
Like to do fun activities together.
Are very close, we support each other.
Are very hard working.
Help each other as much as possible.
Love to explore things.
Have many secrets that we hide from each other.

You think your friend purposefully excluded you. You:

You think your friend purposefully excluded you. You:
Call them out on it.
Don't care, you're above their rudeness.
Avoid confrontation and forget about it.
Give them the silent treatment.
Ask them if they did it on purpose.
Hang out with a totally new group of people and
Put on a big sobbing show and make them feel
Are upset but don't do anything.

Your best friends boyfriend is being a jerk to you. You:

Your best friends boyfriend is being a jerk to you. You:
Let her know in the nicest way possible.
Tell her to see if she'll put her friends first.
Don't say anything. It's not your business.
Tell her that maybe they're not right for each
Try to stay out of it.
Tell her what's going on and support her in her
Tell HIM that he needs to stop.
Just laugh it off.

You have:

You have:
One really good friend.
A few good friends.
Lots of friends.
An exclusive group of friends.
Unusual friends.
A trouble-making friend.
A variety of friends.

You usually stay up until:

You usually stay up until:
1 am.
11 pm, I go for a late night snack.
8 pm. You need to have time to dream about
4 am. PARTY!
7 pm. You need your beauty sleep.
10 pm.
9 pm. I'm a reasonable person.