What's Your Aura Type?

What's Your Aura Type?

Many aura readers make the mistake of using the standard color-to-emotion scale when reading a person's aura. As it turns out, colors can mean different things for different people. However, generally speaking, most people do answer to the standard scale. With this test you can find out if you are fit to use the standard scale, the more unique scale, or something in between.

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Close your eyes and imagine a color. Feel it running through your body, filling it to the finger tip. What color was first there?

It was a warm color that effected my emotion in some way.
It is a vibrant color not usually on the spectrum, like silver or gold.
I was indecisive: I switched colors a few times.
It was a cold color that made me relaxed, I could imagine swimming in an ocean of that color.
It seemed almost faded, or extremely bright.

If you have a daemon, please mark the following:

It is a calm creature that takes form as a woodland creature of sorts
It is a wild beast that will protect me.
It is a wise watcher that only gives me advice.
I don't have a daemon.
I have more than one daemon

On a scale from one to five, one being least and five being most, how sad would you be if one of your most recent teachers died?

I would be melancholy.
I would be bawling my eyes out.
I would stand indifferent and not take too much time to dwell on it.
I would visit the family personally and comfort them for their loss.
I would take a personality test.

Do you like rainbows?

I guess. Their missing some colors I admire.
Of course, after every storm there's a rainbow!
Don't really care that much.
I just don't like them period.
I don't take much time to admire them. Maybe I should.

Someone threatens your friend! What do you do?

Threaten them back and scar them for life. They deserve it for touching my friends.
Advise my friend to consult his parents or school administrator
You get yourself involved in the situation (like, neck deep)
You show up at the Bully's house to talk to his face.
You pretend to care sometimes but often have your own issues, so you only give advice to your friend.

Someone finds out that you told their secret! How do you feel?

Angry. How dare they accuse me of something I would never do.
Try and reason with them.
Get guilty for what you have done.
Feel warm from nerves and you're also slightly embarrassed
You're nonchalant. The secret wasn't worth keeping anyways.

Someone texts you in the middle of a test asking for answers. You:

...IMPOSSIBRU! No texting plan and certainly I wouldn't have a phone in class.
You text them the answers discreetly without a second thought.
You text them back saying that they shouldn't be trying to cheat.

What does the color red mean for you?

Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power, survival-oriented.
Angry, and never something that you will think of constantly.
Fiery passion full of emotion and spontaneous reactions!

Do you prefer Moon or Sun?

Sun on any occasion
Sun, but only by a little
I honestly don't have a preference
Love the night and the light the moon brings.
The moon, but only by a little.

You have a day to spend with one person with anyone in the world. Who do you choose?

Your parents
Your lover
Your friends

Last Question:
Do you really wish to read auras?

Yes! It sounds exciting and I think it will be enlightening!
I want to because I would love to read people's auras and emotions.
Depends. If it's boring then I'll pass.