Which of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

Which of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

Find out which of the Sins you are. Are you Lust? Perhaps Gluttony? This lovely quiz will tell you which of them you are!^_^

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Your friend is getting robbed! What do you do?

You Help them, then take happiness in yourself
because you did something right.
You help them, and try them to treat you to some food
or something
Beat up the robber, you're eager for power
Beat the robber, then take some money out of your friend's bag with out them noticing. You need some kind of reward. Right?
Curse and Beat the crap out the robber.
Take pity on the robber, but give him a nice kick in butt before letting him go.
Do nothing, it's not your problem

You friends ask you if you wanna go hang out. Your boy/girlfriend will be there too, what do you think?

Say yes, maybe they will treat you to "some" food
You really want to, but you're just too busy.
Say yes, you want some love from your BF/GF
Say no, you're mad because your BF/GF is there with your friends.
Say yes, maybe your BF/GF will give you some money.
Say yes, be happy you will be with all your friends and your BF/GF
Say no, you don't want to. You have better things to do.

(Gosh running out of ideas this will be a very short quiz...)
What's your favorite colour?

Purple shows best!
Pink's for love...
Brown for chocolate icecream!
Gold for Golden Bars.
Green's the best.
Red for blood.

(Alright last question.)
If I greeted you, what would say? Don't worry, I don't bite.

Hello there...*-*
Do you have some candy?
Can I have 5 bucks?
You don't say anything, you just ignore me. (Me: ;A;)
Back off. (Me: o3o)

Okie, Bye <3

Just show me who I am...
Well, we're finally done huh?
;) Tell me, please?
Who am I? Tell me!
Ugh, just tell me.
*noms a strawberry*
Yay we're done!