What kinda person are you?

What kinda person are you?

Find out what type of person you really are?

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Someone comes up to you and asks you out, what do you do?

Say no and go to your next lesson
Say yes and hug them
It depends, say yes if its not a nerd
If you like them, oh yeah
Go and cry

You need to do your homework but you don't know if you want to. You choose to...

Do it and try get your best grades
Do it and draw hearts all over it
Don't do it, you can't be bothered
Do it while texting loads of people
Nah just get detention

Your late for maths and your teacher hates you! What do you do?

Go and say sorry
Hug your teacher and hope she thinks your sorry
Oh well, get detention
Say you were busy
Forge a note

Its raining and you have to walk to school what do you do?

Walk with all your friends making a fuss out of it
Walk under your umberella reading a book
Walk under an umberella shared with a couple of friends
Get your mum/dad or carer to take you in the car
Walk on your own under a broken umberella

You can't be bothered going to school you're too tierd, what would you do?

Just go and do your work at school
You might miss your friends so you better go
Pull a sickie then go to town
Skyve off and text people
Run away for a while

You go to the shops, what sould you buy?

A good book
A valentines card for next week
A load of new clothes, don't worry about the money, your dad will pay
Some chocolates for a special someone
Nothing, im just looking