What Type of Horse rider are you?

What Type of Horse rider are you?

Are you a Western or classical rider or do you just want to try both find out with this quiz!

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Pick a colour...


When you go to a party you always are..

Early, Better to be early than late!
Late, its not your fault you can never find your clothes!
Just on time, always there when it is time to start!

I you had a horse what colour would it be?

Any looks aren't important

What do you wear to the yard?

Jodhpurs, spotless long boots, riding helmet with black cover and a clean white shirt.
Jeans, A plain helmet and a t-shirt.
Jodhpurs, muddy long boots and a plain helmet along with a Horsey T-shirt.

What is your perfect day?

Riding out all day!
A training session in the arena to brush up on your
dressage skills!
A 30 min arena session the spending an hour out hacking!