We're decorating this entire ever loving apartment

We're decorating this entire ever loving apartment

And I'm sort of interested in your opinion Not a ton, but I guess a little

published on July 25, 20123 responses 0

What type of furniture do you own in your house?

Mostly wooden classic furniture
Newer, modern furniture
Whatever furniture
I am not allowed inside unless I do my good child chores.

What type of furniture do you like?

Wooden, sturdy, basic furniture
I'm certainly not picky
I like whatever, but it kind of has to match or it bugs me
Clean, streamlined furniture.
Ikea and I are like long lost soul mates which have found each other after a vicious storm had torn us dramatically apart long long ago
I like furniture

This is most important to you

Seriously, whatever, it's a show of how much we're friends that I'm even doing this
Seriously, whatever

Think of your favourite thing in your space-

Why is it your favourite?

It reminds me of this one time
I don't really know why, I just like it
I don't really look at things that way
It's home

I absolutely hate beyond words or reason

A bunch of things just all over the damn place
Modern furniture
Things just sort of slapped together
Feeling like I can't be comfortable

Just incase you hate something else or especially hate something

Seriously? Why is this shit all over the place?
Modern furniture is the bane of all humanity
Why are that and that together?! They don't even go, they don't. Even. Go.
Why have it if I can't find at least 8 ways to lay my body awkwardly across it?
Nah, I got all my rage out on the first one

What is your favourite colour set?

Warm colours
Cool colours
Neutral colours
I'm not even that particular, seriously, why is this happening