Personality quiz

Test your self, what personality type are you, are you the same as your friends? ;D

published on October 03, 2010190 responses 18 3.6★ / 5
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You're walking round school, and someone stops in front of you and screams 'Whats 2x4?' What do you do?

Answer the question, 'It's 8 of course'
Burst out laughing right there, and start talking to the guy
Say 'idk' and keep walking
start dreaming about a new picture you can make do inspired by this

You get home from school, and what do you do?

Your latest project you've been working on
Watch your favourite tv drama
Get on with your homework
get changed, meet your friends and go play out

You're in the line for lunch, what are you gonna get?

Pasta and cookie
A ham sandwich
Full hot cooked dinner
Something new

Finally, in youre bedroom, what do you have lying around, on your shelves, decorating your room

A cute teddy bear, a couple of special items and your hairbrush
Erm, isn't it obvious? Pink photo frames, mirrors and jewellery
Some drawings, magazines, and shoes
Books, Books, and thate extra homework you asked for