What do the hp characters think of u? #2

What do the hp characters think of u? #2

Lots of people liked the first one, so i decided to make another one! Hope yall like it!!

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Theres a fight btween gryffindor and slythern! Whos side are you on?


Voldemort wants the students to give him harry for an award, what du u do?

Award? Wheres harry?
No! Dont give in!

Some first years are being bullied. What do u do?

Stop the fight
Join in

Someone left their racing broomstick in the corridor. Now what?

Take it and run!
Give it to macgonagall. She will know what to do.

I support...


Voldemorts in the scool! You...

Run away!
Stay and fight.

Who do you like better?