What character are you from LPS Popular?

What character are you from LPS Popular?

Ok, here is a test 2 see if you are a Brooke, Savy, Jenny, Alicia, Rachel, Alicia, or a Megan I hope you get the one u were hoping for! (THIS IS FOR GIRLS)

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Pick a reply for this:
You are so ugly! Ewww.

La la! huh?
Bye! la la!
Oh Yeah? Look at the mirror, then you'll
see who's ugly.
Excuse me!? I am the queen of
beautiful. maybe with your head full of
hairspray you can't think straight
*sobs and runs away*

Lastly, your trying to get to school, and these are the only choices:
-The Bus You DON'T Wanna Be Seen In
-A crummy and embarrassing car.

Guess I'd pick the bus... the car might
break down and that'd be worse.
I'd still always have a backup car, DUH.
Jog, it helps burn off calories too.
I'd just call a friend for a ride...
those choices are TERRIBLE.
I'd pick bus. it's quicker, and I really
wanna to get to my friends to hang out!

A girl says she hates you.and you've been nothing but nice to her. what do you reply back?

You are such an ugly brat. I think you
got gum for brains! Get outta my face!
You hate me? Good! You betta watch
your back. >:)
Excuse me, I have been nothing but
NICE. I'm sorry, good-bye.
What's so wrong with me? Why do you
hate me? I've been really kind 2 u!
Why do you hate me? I really would like
to fix this and become friends!

Your enemy's boyfriend comes over to hang out.
What do you 2 do?

Make out, and show it to my enemy
Have a great time, and try to bond.
Just hang out. He's still her boyfriend.
Make him fall for you
and keep it a secret...
makes the romance alive ;)

You see a pretty new girl. She is probably prettier than you.. what do you do?

Trip her, but if she's nice, I'd have to
say become friends...
Threaten her.. nobody comes in my
school without a fight
Become friends! She can be a good
Say hi and become friends immediately!

You go to your enemy's party.
And you see she's planning on playing an embarrassing tape with you in it.
What do you do?

Take the tape, and run away.
Replace it with an embarrassing
tape of HER.
Look at the tape, then replace it with a
much cooler tape of you.
Take the tape, walk with it casually.