Are you stupid or smart?

Are you stupid or smart?

Are you stupid? Or are you smart? I won't be mean bout it. Kay? It's not hard, so.. HAPPY QUIZ!

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Finally, if you could only keep one book, which book would it be?

It'd be an interesting novel
I can't read...
A school book.

Let's went in the wrong bathroom.
(If your a boy, let's say you went in the girls and if your a girl, let's say you went in the boys)

I'd say hi to some random person, and start running around screaming 'I'm a banana!
I would never end up in the other gender's restroom.
I'd stay and do my business.
I'd run out before anyone saw me

What is 1,000+3384


Lets say there's a test on Monday, and it's Friday.
Would you...

Wait what day?!
Study until I know ALL.
I'd study until my brain dies out.
Last minute on Monday Morning! Duuh

If you had to be anything below, what would you be?

A banana
A science book
Uhhh... what was the question?!
A telescope. I wish to see the sky everyday!

You are playing paint ball.
What would you do?

Attack everybody I see, or can attack, and continue.
I'd run around with the paint gun saying,
What is a 'paint ball'?!
I would never play paint ball...
I'm busy with studying.