Are you stupid or smart?

Are you stupid or smart?

Are you stupid? Or are you smart? I won't be mean bout it. Kay? It's not hard, so.. HAPPY QUIZ!

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Let's went in the wrong bathroom.
(If your a boy, let's say you went in the girls and if your a girl, let's say you went in the boys)

I'd say hi to some random person, and start running around screaming 'I'm a banana!
I would never end up in the other gender's restroom.
I'd stay and do my business.
I'd run out before anyone saw me

Finally, if you could only keep one book, which book would it be?

It'd be an interesting novel
I can't read...
A school book.

You are playing paint ball.
What would you do?

Attack everybody I see, or can attack, and continue.
I'd run around with the paint gun saying,
What is a 'paint ball'?!
I would never play paint ball...
I'm busy with studying.

What is 1,000+3384


Lets say there's a test on Monday, and it's Friday.
Would you...

Wait what day?!
Study until I know ALL.
I'd study until my brain dies out.
Last minute on Monday Morning! Duuh

If you had to be anything below, what would you be?

A banana
A science book
Uhhh... what was the question?!
A telescope. I wish to see the sky everyday!