What type of boy do u want

What type of boy do u want

find what type of boy is your type (ex: funny, handsome, sweet, and smart

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What does your crush do during class
or your perfect guy

tries to make people around him laugh
tries to help around the classroom
takes notes the entire time
look in a mirror
does whatever to pass time
not really pay any attention
make rude jokes, cause trouble, or copy of someone test or notes

In p.e how well does your crush do
or your perfect guy

Going super slow
making jokes about P.E.
cheering people
being the fastest person there
popping a couple of the soccer balls
wearing the black shoes, socks, and braclets
looking his best and flipping his hair

which word would describe the guy you like
or your perfect guy


What club does he belong to

a club which make so many people laugh
the helping club
the A+ club
no club at all
Running club
Black club
stays in the principal office

Whats his best subject

Making people laugh
everything but p.e.
looking the darkest
looking good