Would You Survived A Zombie Attack

Would You Survived A Zombie Attack

would you survive a zombie attack,please try it.It Will see if you will survive a zombie attack

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What weapon will be used?

Sharp Objects
Bare Fists
Shit Yo im Going For the Wood

You battle them off end hit the garage you find a couple of vedicles


You ride away with the vedicle and who will you save

Friends And girls

You reach a couple of houses and places where should you stay what is it?

Metalhouse(invested with zombies)
Normal house(wooden)
Forest(lots of food)

You get to your place and you battle of the zombies near it one member gos to get food
What Is the food you'd rather eat?

Meat(very nutrisous)
chicken (Variable vitamins)
Sugar Items(Lots Of Energy)

He comes back with the items you figure out more weapons choose a secondary

Metal and/or Wooden sticks
No ammo Guns(you make ammo farther into it)
Lighters And Fire Makers

You figure you better try putting 2 weapons to make one

Spear and more(sharp objects and metalstick)
Guns(Ammo is made)
Flaming woods (flames when you want on button)
Na No custom

You battled them Of and You started battleing the boss giant zombies and millions of zombies lets see what you will do

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