What summer activity are you?!

What summer activity are you?!

Bored? Don't have any plans? Take our quiz and find out what summer activity best suits you!

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It’s your birthday! What gift would you most like to receive?

It doesn’t matter! I just want to relax – I don’t
care about a gift!
A pair of tickets to my favorite band!
A new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for
A beer of the month subscription!

What type of shoe do you throw on when you’re in a hurry?

Converse or Keds
Whatever matches my outfit!
Sperry-top siders

What’s your favorite movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean
Almost Famous
Devil Wears Prada
Old School

What is your go-to magazine?

Shape Magazine/Men’s Health
People/ Rolling Stone
Vogue/ GQ
Time Magazine

What type of partier are you?

Laid back and spur of the moment
I'll go anywhere as long as the music's good
I'll show up fashionably late
The one who starts all the games-- I better win!